End of an era

This last year has been a whirlwind. Both me and Josh had a struggle with our mental health & everything just kind of snowballed. I have been referring to THAT 6 months as the dark phase in our lives, but thankfully it started turning back around again at the start of this year – and now the future is very bright. I have also made some decisions about my future that were stressing me out. Best of all though, I have now been told that I no longer meet the criteria to have a diagnosis of BPD (I already knew I did not suffer from this anymore, but it was nice to hear off a professional). I also no longer suffer from panic disorder or depression. This is so huge for me, as I have struggled with my mental health for around 10 years now. Sure, I could relapse in the future, but me relapsing back into BPD seems quite unlikely, as I have now (through months of hard work) learnt to overcome the issues I had, had lots of therapy as well as medication reviews. I am finally no longer trapped in the past of my childhood trauma, something I couldn’t ever see me being free of.

8 months ago I felt like I would never be happy again. And I really do feel it now. I have been told by multiple people this week alone that I have never looked happier or healthier. I will be wrapping up my counselling and will be signed off from mental health services next month. It is definitely the end of an era for me.  Thanks to my wonderful fiance, my gorgeous son, friends and health professionals I now know what it feels like to enjoy my life, and to be free of my past. There will always be ups and downs, that’s just life. But now I feel like I can cope with whatever is thrown at me. Onward and upwards from here!

End of an era

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