Portage visit 

On Wednesday we had a visit by someone who works at Portage (Integrated Disability Service). They’re involved with us because Lucas has a significant delay with his speech and his social and communication skills. It’s likely it’s attributed to Autism as it runs in Josh’s side of the family. He’s been getting a lot better since starting nursery but he’s still very behind in these areas. 

The lady had an interactive puzzle board of animals (so when you put the animal in the right slot it makes a noise). She asked Lucas where the duck was and he pointed it out straight away and said “quack-quack”. He hasn’t done this before so this was huge. She then had picture cards and was doing sign language and asked him to pick out the correct item from 2, so “where is the ball?” Etc and he correctly chose the cat, dog, banana and car. 

Then she done pretend play with him. Lucas pretended to pour out tea. Then used a spoon to pretend to feed the baby and pretended to give her a drink from the cup. The lady then shown Lucas a blanket and said the baby wanted to go to sleep. So Lucas unprompted put the baby on its back and covered it with a blanket. And again unprompted stroked the baby’s tummy. This made me SO BROODY 😂😂. When baby “woke up” he pretended to clean the baby and then cleaned the floor. 

I was so massively proud of him. It may not seem like a lot to some people but this is a massive step for him. Every week now he is doing something new and I actually couldn’t be prouder! 

Portage visit 

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