A long wait

In my previous post I briefly mentioned that I had group B strep, and that I had to have antibiotics in labour because of it. I didn’t think anything more of it once Lucas had been born as he seemed healthy at first. However, by the time I had been taken up to the postnatal ward for the night, it became obvious that something wasn’t quite right. Lucas wasn’t really getting much to eat as he was struggling to latch on, and I was barely able to express anything. When he did manage to get some milk, he would just throw it up. His breathing was also quite fast, so a midwife took his temperature and found it to be low.

He was then whisked down to neonatal where he was immediately hooked up to machines. I was asked to leave the room while they x-rayed his chest and they then took some bloods. The x-rays shown that his right lung was riddled with infected with the left one also showing infection. Because of my strep B, I was told that Lucas may have an infection on his brain as well as either Meningitis or septaciemia. It was absolutely terrifying seeing my tiny baby looking so fragile. I was then told I had to wait a few days until we could know for sure what was going on. He spent the next few days going in and out of neonatal being given antibiotics through his cannula. It seemed like the longest wait in the world. Finally, on the Saturday, we were told that Lucas had the all clear and that his infection had cleared up, so we could finally take our little boy home!

A long wait

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